Pasta Primavera


This now-classic pasta dish is not originally Italian, but was reputedly invented at Le Cirque restaurant in New York in the early 70s by a restaurateur named Sirio Maccioni. Continue reading

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Dolly’s Recipes, from My Mother’s Day


My mother left this earth almost nine years ago and I miss her everyday. She had an interesting life starting as “doll baby” born on a Texas farm.

Continue reading

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Bacon, Cheddar and Chive Mini-Muffins

430Bacon Cheddar Muffing-4

Try these for breakfast with a bowl of fruit, as an afternoon snack with a tall, cool iced tea, instead of cornbread with a cup of chili or Continue reading

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Classic Coconut Macaroons


Not to be confused with their elegant and delicate French cousin, the macaron, this is a satisfying mound of a cookie that I seem to crave just a couple of times a year, Continue reading

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White Asparagus Gratin

430White Asparagus-1

Growing up in Germany in the early 60s made for many interesting childhood memories, but few of them had anything to do with vegetables. We ate a lot of canned fruits and vegetables from the military P/X in those days—not much to remember about those items except they tasted great to childhood me even though they were mushy and laden with either sugary syrup or lots of salt. Continue reading

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Lemon Shrimp

430 LemonShrimp-1


Going into the weekend with a well-stocked refrigerator makes for more relaxing time on the couch and since I’m in the middle of three books that I’m thoroughly enjoying (see note below), I’m going to make this shrimp for the weekend. Continue reading

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