Hello and welcome–my name is Susan.  Like so many other home cooks I know,  I enjoy reading and experimenting with recipes that I find in magazines, newspapers and cookbooks and books of any kind.  And now something interesting is happening more and more often.  I have noticed that, when I am browsing for something interesting to make…that I no longer go first to my collection of cookbooks.   I find myself browsing food blogs—and being instantly gratified by a wonderful picture and often a story about a beautiful and delicious dish.  It is like having an infinite library of cookbooks—with new ones popping up everyday.  I am thrilled to know there are so many gifted and interesting professional and home cooks in the world–who take beautiful pictures of every recipe!  It has been so entertaining to join this community.  I too love to cook—and happily, my husband Bob loves to take pictures.    So here we both are at  Sauce and Sensibility, we’d love to hear from you…

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  1. Steve says:


    I don’t normally comment or send messages to food blogs, but I feel like I need to say thanks.

    I found your Potato & Leek Soup recipe around 5 years ago when my son was born and ever since then I make it for him at least 10 times a year. It’s his favourite meal and he knows all the ingredients and how to cook it.

    Since then I’ve had a daughter and it was the first time she tried it last night, and she loved it.

    I’ve now written down this recipe (just in case your website goes down!), so no longer will I need to refresh my memory every few months and I doubt I’ll be visiting your website very often, so I felt the need to tell you that you’ve created some special memories by having my Son ask me to make this soup for him and then watch him enjoy it and finish it all. It’s something special that he wants to do with his Daddy and while we’re making and eating it, we both feel very close to each other.

    I know that I’ll be making this for years to come and it’s already got very special memories for our family.

    Thank you so much,

    Steve (from Exeter, Devon, UK)

  2. pat makai says:

    Where is the recipe for the pork chops w/paprika sauce????

  3. Susan says:


    I am thrilled to hear this lovely story of a Dad and son cooking together. I share a lot of cooking memories with my two sons too. A great joy for sure. Thank you so much for writing.

  4. Susan says:

    It is still there–go to index/pork/scroll down to Braised Pork Chops with Paprika Sauce.

  5. Kathie says:

    Hi Susan, Miss talking to you. Can’t wait to try your kabobs after I move.
    I will be back in 3 to 4 weeks. Feel free to email between now and then.

    Kathie from Foster City, CA

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